Delegate Feedback

“I’ve found the talks really interesting and informative. It’s really good to have such a great range of speakers and different topics covered in one place. The fact that you can go and hear about everything from how 5G is influencing healthcare to how other technologies are changing the tech world all in one place.”

Head of Health Innovation - MHP Communications


“There’s plenty of break out areas, lots of different talks, so the good thing is there’s choice so whatever topic you’re interested in, you can go around and hear about anything. That makes it hard to miss. Some events have one big stage and a couple of small ones but the focus is very narrow whereas here because you’re so close and there’s so much going on, you’re not missing anything really.”

Interim Chief Data Officer - MoneySuperMarket

I think its great, I think the turnout is amazing, it’s you  very informative. I think people here are definitely very approachable and just the mere fact that you are asking me how my experience is going means you’re doing something right.”

"Three words to describe the show would be, informative, innovative and fun."

Recruitment Consultant - NP Group  

“I think it’s great. I really like the fact that it’s co-located with so many different places." 

"I think the fact that you can go from each end of the spectrum and see how all the different components work together have, I personally, I think been really informative. It’s really great because you get these groups together which typically you wouldn’t necessarily experience unless you were in an environment which emphasises all that.”

Sales - Centriforce Products Ltd


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