Testimonials 2020


Exhibitor Feedback

“Interestingly, I think that we have had quite a good turnout, quite a good response and certainly some good contacts have come by our stand. You know, had some fairly serious and high-level engagements with a number of good companies, so I’m quite pleased.”

“I think the positioning of our stand, the way we are in relation to this small auditorium it’s working well. When you are branding like we’re branding, the chance to meet a small percentage of organisations who have never met Domo before, or don’t know who we are, is far greater than if we’d had a small stand in the corner.”

Enterprise Account Executive - Domo

“I find it fantastic; we found the show really exciting and we got to have really good conversations. I actually probably got more out of the visitors than they did out of us because I actually got to learn about exciting projects that the private sectors are working on.”

“We’ve actually got a bit of a comrade spirit here so as you know some of them haven’t turn up, those who have, we’ve been neighbours, we’ve learned about each other’s work.”

Head of Communications – Office for Artificial Intelligence

“Where the stand is, is great. I think it’s worked really well because it’s quite a laid-back kind of vibe you know with our hoodies on and that sort of stuff you know, come and have a free coffee and a conversation so yeah, we’re happy with that. Over-all it’s been pretty good.”

"I think the event is flexible, so we don’t have to, what I would call, buy of a menu and it’s like here’s a sponsorship package and that’s all we offer you. We can work with the organisers to actually build a strategy. I think it’s popular which is good. And the thing I do like is that it is promoted very well online, through social media and that sort of stuff."

Marketing Manager - Oracle

Delegate Feedback

“I’ve found the talks really interesting and informative. It’s really good to have such a great range of speakers and different topics covered in one place. The fact that you can go and hear about everything from how 5G is influencing healthcare to how other technologies are changing the tech world all in one place.”

Head of Health Innovation - MHP Communications


“I’ve met some really nice people. I’ve bumped into a few people I know as well so it’s always good to catch up with people in the industry.”

“There’s plenty of break out areas, lots of different talks, so the good thing is there’s choice so whatever topic you’re interested in, you can go around and hear about anything. That makes it hard to miss. Some events have one big stage and a couple of small ones but the focus is very narrow whereas here because you’re so close and there’s so much going on, you’re not missing anything really.”

Interim Chief Data Officer - MoneySuperMarket

I think its great, I think the turnout is amazing, it’s you  very informative. I think people here are definitely very approachable and just the mere fact that you are asking me how my experience is going means you’re doing something right.”

"Three words to describe the show would be, informative, innovative and fun."

Recruitment Consultant - NP Group  

“I think it’s great. I really like the fact that it’s co-located with so many different places." 

"I think the fact that you can go from each end of the spectrum and see how all the different components work together have, I personally, I think been really informative. It’s really great because you get these groups together which typically you wouldn’t necessarily experience unless you were in an environment which emphasises all that.”

Sales - Centriforce Products Ltd


What exhibitors said about the show



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  • "The show has been good. There’s been a lot of people, a lot of attendance. People passing by; I kind of like the idea of having different types of businesses like IoT, Security and Big Data, having a nice mix of things. I get the chance to talk to some people that have a complete different perspective.”
    Principal Sales Engineer - Maria DB
  • “We’ve been on exhibition duty the whole time. It’s been that busy. I has a box of business cards when I arrived, 500, and all gone, every single one is gone. Really engaging. “It’s our second time at the show, we did it last year. Definitely had to do it again this year, and it’s been a resounding success, really really good. I would suggest that anybody that is entering this market space, look at the BDW show, not only form a view point of exhibiting, but also presenting. You have to do the two together to make it worthwhile."
    Sales Director, UK – Splash BI
  • “It is the first year we exhibit and I find the event super interesting. We gave a talk, which was very well attended and afterwards we had very good discussions. I would say the event was innovative and offers good opportunities to network.”
    Marketing Manager - Oracle
  • “This is our second time participating in Big Data World in Singapore and we’ve seen a lot of traffic over the two days. The conversations in the big data community around machine learning is a lot more mature here. Not only the delegates are interested in big data, they are also keen to learn more about data science, artificial intelligence and internet of things.”
    Regional Sales Director - Qubole Inc.
  • "Pivigo has participated in many events in the UK & Europe over the last 12 months and Big Data World was by far the best of them all. The event was a huge success delivering a ROI, prompting us to participate in Big Data World in Germany and London next year."
    Marketing & Communications Manager - Pivigo
  • "I have taken away some great ideas from Big Data World! I have talked with some great suppliers which was my main reason for attending – to connect and network with people in the industry. There’s not many opportunities like this for you to go to one place and see everything in one room. I hope to be back again next year! "
    Head of Data Science - Barclays (Visitor)
  • "Cloud Expo Europe & Data Centre World located alongside Big Data World added huge value to my experience at the event as it made me think about the different ways of relating to data & making me question things which I don’t usually think about from a data point of view in my every day work life. Overall, I liked the range, scope & diversity of the event and I will definitely recommend the rest of the Sky team attend alongside myself in 2019."
    Data Scientist - Sky (Visitor)
  • "I’m here to learn about all emerging technologies, get an insight into the developments in the technology world. I think around Cloud and Machine Learning and AI are all big areas to cover so I think being able to get high level insights from the presentation available is important. I will be coming back next year as well."
    Senior Director - Ralph Lauren (Visitor)