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Striking Oil: Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence

This theme focuses on crafting a comprehensive and efficient data strategy that bolsters business intelligence and guides decision-making.

Delegates will delve into the management of data, the role they play in decision science, and methodologies to measure and elevate return on investment.

We'll also examine the models and processes that are revolutionising the way we process and interpret complex data, powering businesses to make smarter decisions and foster growth. 

Personalising the Customer Experience

Customers are the focal point of this theme, spotlighting the interplay between data privacy, protection, and personalisation.

Conversations will revolve around how customer data analytics can enhance experiences, build relationships, and nurture brand loyalty.

Delegates will explore the role of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLMs) in refining customer interactions, resulting in a more intuitive and personalised customer journey. 

Unlocking the Power of AI, Analytics and Robotics

Explore the evolutions and transformative potential of AI, advanced analytics, and robotics.

This theme navigates the vast capabilities of AI, from machine learning and data mining to the rising trends of augmented analytics, graph analysis, and explainable AI.

Uncover how robotics and process automation (RPA) are enhanced by AI to automate complex tasks, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making.

The ethical implications of deploying these technologies will also be addressed, sparking discussions around responsible AI and robotic usage. 

Upholding Privacy, Security & Governance

This theme critically examines the intersection of ethics, data governance, and compliance, including important regulations like GDPR.

It offers an in-depth look into the importance of privacy in an increasingly data-driven world, and how emergent trends like federated learning and privacy-enhancing technologies can contribute to secure, ethical data practices.

This theme presents a holistic view on the critical role of data security and governance in maintaining trust in big data and AI technologies. 

Data Engineering and Architecture Innovations

Explore the technical heart of big data.

This theme puts the spotlight on databases, data platforms, and the emerging architectural trends of data mesh, fabric, lakes, and warehouses.

We will also uncover the role of edge computing in decentralising data processing, offering a fresh perspective on the evolving landscapes of data engineering and architecture.

Delegates will discover the pivotal role of robust data engineering in underpinning scalable, resilient data strategies. 

Empowering People in the AI Era

Threat or opportunity?

Discussions will delve into the evolving nature of jobs in the face of AI and automation, debating whether they replace or create new career paths.

Delegates will consider strategies for talent attraction, development, and retention amidst these changes, with particular attention on the need for reskilling and upskilling for the AI era.

Address the critical question of diversity in AI and highlight the importance of fostering a culture that embraces ethical AI use.

This theme underscores that the triumphant application of Big Data and AI is achieved by the people using it. 

Attend Big Data & AI World on 6-7 March 2024 at ExCeL London

Big Data & AI World is designed for C-level staff, AI leaders, data and analytics specialists, managers and key decision makers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.

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