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State of the Open: the UK in 2021

Few could have told us that the UK was number one in the European open source software space, prior to OpenUK’s State of Open Phase One report, launched on the 20th of March.  The report uses existing formulae and statistical information to focus on the value of open source software to the UK economy. The resulting figure of up to £41.3bn per annum in contribution to GDP represents circa 20 % of the UK’s digital economy. The UK has long been a centre of excellence in open source software, but post Brexit, the country is finding its independent feet on the world stage of global collaboration around open technology.

No other country has analysed its usage of open source software through business adoption and the value generated and OpenUK is leading the way with this forward thinking analysis of appropriate economic models. With a digitally sovereign approach to the tech sector in the UK, we seek to establish the true value of open source to the UK’s economy, and lead the way in making such valuations globally.

Application development, cloud computing and databases all rely heavily on open source. We live in a time where 90% of software stacks include open source components and up to 70% of all code is open. There has never been a better time for the UK to lead the charge in leadership in open source software.

To understand the face of software usage in the UK, a simple but targeted survey has been shared across business and will run at until 10 June. OpenUK asks each of you to take 15 minutes to answer questions on your software usage in any and all business sectors. Whether your business is headquartered in the UK or not, your answers will help to create a critical snapshot of software usage in the UK.


The output of the survey will be shared in Phase Two of the report on 7 July, and will feed into Phase 3, which will include a look at the economic value of open source software to business in the UK.

All three elements of the report will be further discussed at the OpenUK Open Technology and Sustainability Day during the COP26 conference on 11 November.

OpenUK focuses on Open Technology - open source software, open hardware and open data. This approach brings together the UK’s technology, business and government leadership to collaborate in an array of projects.



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