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Big Data World is the UK’s leading data event. And as such, we consider our programme a platform for the industry. Big Data World’s Programme, Marketing and Event team work year-round to ensure that the presentations, case studies and thought leadership are representative of the industry’s leading edge.

Big Data World will return to London ExCeL on 11-12 March 2020 with the biggest and best programme to date - over 125 dedicated sessions, in 5 conference theatres, hosted by practitioners, experts and visionaries.

We are delighted to announce that the conference programme for 2019 is now live and be viewed here.

Big Data World Keynote Theatre

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Unlocking business opportunities from big data is probably the biggest challenge for organisations working on analytics implementations. In the Keynote Theatre, our group of big data expert speakers will present their strategies on how to become a data-driven business, how to approach emerging data challenges by setting the right board-level agenda via a data strategy, understanding the building blocks of an experimental enterprise, and how businesses can create results.

Speakers will address these strategies within the context of the biggest challenge and the biggest benefit of Big Data in 21st century enterprise: digital disruption and value creation.

AI Keynote Theatre

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AI is fast becoming the tech buzzword of the decade with companies realising the real potential to unlock organisational efficiencies. In this theatre, our group of AI visionaries, global influencers and thought leaders will present the strategic side, drawing on the value they’ve witnessed in their own companies, their next move and getting board-level buy in to a business critical technology.

Also hear about the controversial side: the balance of humanistic AI and asking the tough questions surrounding Ethical AI.

Machine Learning & AI Theatre

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Probably two of the hottest buzz words in the space of big data, our dedicated theatre on AI and machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can adapt and learn when exposed to new data.

More importantly, speakers will address how industries and organisations can apply AI and machine learning in robotic process automation, intelligence augmentation, data-driven application systems, and autonomous workflow implementations.

Data Management & Integration Theatre

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Combining data from disparate sources across technical infrastructure and business process, and transforming it into meaningful and valuable information is a challenge most businesses face. Data integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of this data.

Offering the expertise of speakers from various industries sharing their own experiences in data integration and management, attendees will be able to easily relate to case studies and apply these learnings to their own work.

Data Analytics & BI Theatre

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The rise in demand for systematic computational analysis of data or statistics is increasing. Digital transformation means big data is absolutely everywhere, but what does that mean in the business world and what professional opportunities does this present?

Explore topics and some of the world's leading case studies from experts sharing their ground-breaking work in this space.

Our 2019 speakers included



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  • "The show has been good. There’s been a lot of people, a lot of attendance. People passing by; I kind of like the idea of having different types of businesses like IoT, Security and Big Data, having a nice mix of things. I get the chance to talk to some people that have a complete different perspective.”
    Principal Sales Engineer - Maria DB
  • “We’ve been on exhibition duty the whole time. It’s been that busy. I has a box of business cards when I arrived, 500, and all gone, every single one is gone. Really engaging. “It’s our second time at the show, we did it last year. Definitely had to do it again this year, and it’s been a resounding success, really really good. I would suggest that anybody that is entering this market space, look at the BDW show, not only form a view point of exhibiting, but also presenting. You have to do the two together to make it worthwhile."
    Sales Director, UK – Splash BI
  • "Big Data World is a good event with a lot of attendees and a wide range of exhibitors. We faced some interesting leads that seemed really prepared. This is just the type of audience we are looking for; well informed and who are looking for the leading providers to cover their needs."
    Lead Solution Specialist - TimeXtender
  • “It is the first time we are at the show, we are a French Start Up, we try to expand into the UK, so I think Big Data World was a key point to expand in the market, the UK market. We already made an option for next year. My regret from this year is that we didn’t book a session, so I’m looking forward to booking a session to present our platform. What I see is that all the sessions have a lot of success, a lot of people, they are interested in content in terms of experience, client experience and so on, so I would be very happy next year to be part of that”
    Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer – ForePaaS
  • "Pivigo has participated in many events in the UK & Europe over the last 12 months and Big Data World was by far the best of them all. The event was a huge success delivering a ROI, prompting us to participate in Big Data World in Germany and London next year."
    Marketing & Communications Manager - Pivigo
  • "I have taken away some great ideas from Big Data World! I have talked with some great suppliers which was my main reason for attending – to connect and network with people in the industry. There’s not many opportunities like this for you to go to one place and see everything in one room. I hope to be back again next year! "
    Head of Data Science - Barclays (Visitor)
  • "Cloud Expo Europe & Data Centre World located alongside Big Data World added huge value to my experience at the event as it made me think about the different ways of relating to data & making me question things which I don’t usually think about from a data point of view in my every day work life. Overall, I liked the range, scope & diversity of the event and I will definitely recommend the rest of the Sky team attend alongside myself in 2019."
    Data Scientist - Sky (Visitor)
  • "I’m here to learn about all emerging technologies, get an insight into the developments in the technology world. I think around Cloud and Machine Learning and AI are all big areas to cover so I think being able to get high level insights from the presentation available is important. I will be coming back next year as well."
    Senior Director - Ralph Lauren (Visitor)