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  • CB Insights named Anodot to the third annual AI 100 ranking, showcasing the 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies in the world.

    “After being named to the AI 100 in 2018, last year’s honorees raised nearly $4.5B across 45 deals with 6 going on to be valued at $1 billion or more,” said CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal. “The data we compiled on this year’s nominees, ranging from their customers to their patents to their CB Insights’ Mosaic scores, revealed 100 AI companies that are driving transformation across a number of industries and which are taking on a variety of large societal issues ranging from disaster management to cancer diagnosis to detecting fake news. We expect these companies will see similar levels of momentum and progress in 2019 and are excited to continue to track their progress.”

    In addition to disrupting core sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, semiconductor, government, retail, and finance, the 2019 AI 100 companies are revamping the broader enterprise tech stack. These companies span the globe, from the US, UK, Israel, Japan, China, Germany, Sweden, and Canada, and are supported by more than 680 investors from 29 countries. 

    “We are honored to be recognized by the 2019 CB Insights AI 100 for Anodot’s advancements in AI/ML solutions,” said David Drai, CEO and Co-Founder of Anodot. “As we continue to grow globally, Anodot’s autonomous analytics will consistently provide customers with real time anomaly detection and root cause analysis, instantly delivering essential alerts on business incidents every time.”

    Through an evidence-based approach, the CB Insights research team selected the AI 100 from over 3,000 companies based on several factors including patent activity, investor quality, news sentiment analysis, proprietary Mosaic scores, market potential, partnerships, competitive landscape, team strength, and tech novelty. The Mosaic Score, based on CB Insights’ algorithm, measures the overall health and growth potential of private companies to help predict a company’s momentum.

    Anodot helps top enterprises all over the world leverage machine learning based anomaly detection to achieve more predictable results. By swiftly pinpointing the scope and source of problems within massive amounts of data, Anodot’s patented algorithms ensure faster-time-to detection and root cause analysis that traditional BI tools and dashboards can’t deliver.  Headquartered in Israel and the US, Anodot gets to the root of business issues related to sales and revenue assurance, risk, compliance and operations by processing huge volumes of data in real time, reducing time to detection and resolution.

    Quick facts on the 2019 AI 100:

    • As of EOY 2018, these emerging private companies have cumulatively raised $9.4B across 375 deals.
    • Eleven companies have reached a unicorn valuation of $1B or more.
    • Over 680 unique investors from 29 different countries have backed the companies in this year’s cohort.
    • Over 680 US patent applications have been filed by the AI 100.
    • Twenty-five previous honorees were featured on this year’s list, in addition to 75 new companies.
    • Eight countries are represented on the ranking, and the majority of the companies are based in the United States.

    The AI 100 Companies (in alphabetical order):

    Agari Data
    AI Foundation
    Area 1 Security
    Automation Anywhere
    Benson Hill Biosystems
    Butterfly Network
    Cerebras Systems
    Descartes Labs
    Eigen Technologies
    Element AI
    Fortem Technologies
    Gauss Surgical
    Habana Labs
    Horizon Robotics
    Iris Automation
    Jask Labs
    Mighty AI
    Mindstrong Health
    Mist Systems
    New Knowledge
    One Concern
    Orbital Insight
    Paige AI
    Perceptive Automata
    Shape Security
    Shield AI
    Skyline AI
    Vectra Networks
    YITU Technology

    About CB Insights

    At CB Insights, we believe the most complex strategic business questions are best answered with facts.  We are a machine intelligence company that synthesizes, analyzes and visualizes millions of documents to give our clients fast, fact-based insights. Serving the majority of the Fortune 100, we give companies the power to make better decisions, take control of their own future, and capitalize on change.

    Hyeri Kim, PR Manager
    +1 212-292-3148 ext. 3020

    About Anodot

    Anodot’s Autonomous Analytics platform leverages advanced machine learning techniques to constantly analyze and correlate every business parameter, providing real time alerts and forecasts, lowering time to detection and resolution. Our leading-edge, patented technology is trusted by clients in industries ranging from eCommerce to fintech, adtech, telco, gaming and more.

    Anodot is headquartered in Silicon Valley and Israel, with sales offices worldwide. To learn more, visit us at http://www.anodot.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

    Molly Meller

  • SAN MATEO, Calif. — January 30, 2018 — SnapLogic, the leader in self-service application and data integration, today announced record results for 2017, fueled by its best-ever Q4 which saw triple-digi ...
  • Advance Auto Parts Ex Senior Vice President Enterprise Digitization, Assortment & Inventory will be speaking on day two at 15:15 in the Keynote Theatre on Creating an Endless Aisle of Parts with Fast Availability.


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    21 Aug 2018 ASP Test

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    21 Aug 2018 ASP Test

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  • A Guide to Starting a Fivetran Free Trial

  • Analytics Intelligence partners with Tealium to provide frontline business users with a simple and effective way to standardise, enrich, distribute, and activate customer data in real time.

  • Join us at Big Data World 2019 for direct interaction with Astera product experts, watch our data solutions live in action, and gain strategic insights into how best manage and leverage your data.

  • Acrotrend, a leading customer analytics consulting firm, unveiled its customer analytics architecture. The architecture combines the power of industry leading technology, machine learning and data science to generate better short-term business outcomes and deliver long-term business transformation. With the ever increasing data and actions demanded by customer to be near real time, the traditional customer data platforms that need to serve the critical analytical are not working anymore. There is a need for a platform that will enable our clients to ask unusual questions to get the best value from their data.

    Acrotrend firmly follows the philosophy to get companies from data to insight and completing the loop with action. The architecture will enable its clients to complete that loop. 

  • AI-based augmented data assistant allowing natural language queries on data launching in the UK at Big Data World

Techerati News & Features

  • 08-Jul-2020

    Reopening the economy while avoiding a second wave of Covid-19 is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Maintaining a low rate of transmission while opening up places of work and leisure is a delicate balance to strike, and localised outbreaks must be kept under control before they spread more widely. To do this requires a rapid, joined-up approach between regions, one which technology can enable.

    With a raft of issues leading to the recent scrapping of the NHS’s contact tracing app, the pressure is on tech giants Apple and Google to provide a better solution. The apps currently provided are Bluetooth-based.

    The post Moving forward with track and trace technology appeared first on Techerati.

  • 07-Jul-2020

    User data, secure server, firewall safety, online password protection, cybersecurity, ransomware, GDPR, cyberattacks, phishing, data privacy, license agreement…these are all words that have come to drive us crazy.

    The theme of the online climate is security. Companies, governments, customers and people spend much time, money and effort trying to protect themselves online. But what exactly are we protecting? Our identities, our records, our personal data, social media posts, privacy or is it something more? 

    The post Security in the digital age: How safe do you feel? appeared first on Techerati.

  • 01-Jul-2020

    Throughout the crisis, organisations across the globe have been forced to operate with their hands tied behind their back. Contracts have been significantly scaled back or terminated, supply chains will have been disrupted and workforces have been trimmed. In light of this, having access to accurate data has never been more critical and for many it has acted as the differentiator between success and failure.

    As lockdown measures begin to ease and some industries report the first green shoots of recovery, having access to that same accurate data will be equally critical. The public sector is no exception.

    The post Addressing Covid-19 in socially deprived communities needs to be driven by facts, not speculation appeared first on Techerati.



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  • "The show has been good. There’s been a lot of people, a lot of attendance. People passing by; I kind of like the idea of having different types of businesses like IoT, Security and Big Data, having a nice mix of things. I get the chance to talk to some people that have a complete different perspective.”
    Principal Sales Engineer - Maria DB
  • “We’ve been on exhibition duty the whole time. It’s been that busy. I has a box of business cards when I arrived, 500, and all gone, every single one is gone. Really engaging. “It’s our second time at the show, we did it last year. Definitely had to do it again this year, and it’s been a resounding success, really really good. I would suggest that anybody that is entering this market space, look at the BDW show, not only form a view point of exhibiting, but also presenting. You have to do the two together to make it worthwhile."
    Sales Director, UK – Splash BI
  • “It is the first year we exhibit and I find the event super interesting. We gave a talk, which was very well attended and afterwards we had very good discussions. I would say the event was innovative and offers good opportunities to network.”
    Marketing Manager - Oracle
  • “This is our second time participating in Big Data World in Singapore and we’ve seen a lot of traffic over the two days. The conversations in the big data community around machine learning is a lot more mature here. Not only the delegates are interested in big data, they are also keen to learn more about data science, artificial intelligence and internet of things.”
    Regional Sales Director - Qubole Inc.
  • "Pivigo has participated in many events in the UK & Europe over the last 12 months and Big Data World was by far the best of them all. The event was a huge success delivering a ROI, prompting us to participate in Big Data World in Germany and London next year."
    Marketing & Communications Manager - Pivigo
  • "I have taken away some great ideas from Big Data World! I have talked with some great suppliers which was my main reason for attending – to connect and network with people in the industry. There’s not many opportunities like this for you to go to one place and see everything in one room. I hope to be back again next year! "
    Head of Data Science - Barclays (Visitor)
  • "Cloud Expo Europe & Data Centre World located alongside Big Data World added huge value to my experience at the event as it made me think about the different ways of relating to data & making me question things which I don’t usually think about from a data point of view in my every day work life. Overall, I liked the range, scope & diversity of the event and I will definitely recommend the rest of the Sky team attend alongside myself in 2019."
    Data Scientist - Sky (Visitor)
  • "I’m here to learn about all emerging technologies, get an insight into the developments in the technology world. I think around Cloud and Machine Learning and AI are all big areas to cover so I think being able to get high level insights from the presentation available is important. I will be coming back next year as well."
    Senior Director - Ralph Lauren (Visitor)