Data and AI are reshaping every industry. Capitalise on their transformative potential at Big Data & AI World 2025 on 12-13 March at ExCeL London.

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Business leaders and visionaries across all technology verticals attend Tech Show London to shape their digital future. 

Tech Show London is an award-winning event featuring an unparalleled line-up of world-renowned speakers and exhibitors. They come together to present the most cutting-edge technologies and high-quality services, setting the stage for innovative digital transformation strategies. 

Your complimentary ticket to Big Data & AI World grants you full access to all Tech Show London events, including Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Data Centre World. 

Discover the future of AI at Big Data & AI World 2025. Uncover the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, explore AI’s role in business, and get insights into decision intelligence.

Join us to be part of the AI evolution.

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Register your interest for 2025 to unlock exclusive on-demand content from industry leaders who illuminated our Mainstage and Keynote stages, including

  • Juleah Love, Global Head of Brand Corporate Engagement - Yves Saint Laurent Beauty
  • Bernardo Mariano Junior, Chief Information Technology Officer - United Nations
  • Tom Read, CEO - Government Digital Service
  • Dr. Carolyn Mercer, Chief Technologist - NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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Our 2024 Big Data & AI World Speakers Include


World-class data experts from healthcare, media, financial services, and more come to share their knowledge and stories of success.

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2024 Conference Themes

Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence

Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence

This theme focuses on crafting a comprehensive and efficient data strategy that bolsters business intelligence and guides decision-making. Join big data experts to discuss:

  • Management of data
  • Decision science
  • Using data to drive business outcomes
  • Defining the best models and processes
Personalising the Customer Experience

Personalising the Customer Experience

Customers are the focal point of this theme, spotlighting the interplay between data privacy, protection, and personalisation.

Conversations will revolve around how customer data analytics can enhance experiences, build relationships, and nurture brand loyalty.

  • Customer data privacy and protection
  • Customer data analytics
  • Machine learning for enhanced customer experience
Unlocking the Power of AI, Analytics and Robotics

Unlocking the Power of AI, Analytics and Robotics

Explore the evolutions and transformative potential of AI, advanced analytics, and robotics.

This theme navigates the vast capabilities of AI, from machine learning and data mining to the rising trends of augmented analytics, graph analysis, and explainable AI.

Join innovative thinkers to address topics, including:

  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Data mining
  • Graph analysis
  • AI ethics
  • Tools for predictions
  • Recommendations
  • Deeper insights
Upholding Privacy, Security & Governance

Upholding Privacy, Security & Governance

This theme critically examines the intersection of ethics, data governance, and compliance, including important regulations like GDPR.

It offers an in-depth look into the importance of privacy in an increasingly data-driven world, and how emergent trends like federated learning and privacy-enhancing technologies can contribute to secure, ethical data practices.

  • Ethics
  • Data governance
  • Data security
  • Best practice for compliance
  • Services & tools to enhance data management
  • Data privacy
  • Responsible governance & use of data
Data Engineering and Architecture Innovations

Data Engineering and Architecture Innovations

This theme puts the spotlight on databases, data platforms, and the emerging architectural trends of data mesh, fabric, lakes, and warehouses.

We will also uncover the role of edge computing in decentralising data processing, offering a fresh perspective on the evolving landscapes of data engineering and architecture.

Discuss with the experts to find out which approach you should take.

  • Cover databases
  • Data platforms
  • Data mesh
  • Data fabric
  • Supporting data management
Empowering People in the AI Era

Empowering People in the AI Era

Discussions will delve into the evolving nature of jobs in the face of AI and automation, debating whether they replace or create new career paths.

Delegates will consider strategies for talent attraction, development, and retention amidst these changes, with particular attention on the need for reskilling and upskilling for the AI era.

  • People strategies
  • Diversity
  • Workforce change
  • Enterprise culture

Top 3 reasons to attend

Big Data & AI World is where visionaries, industry leaders, and innovators converge to explore the potential of data and artificial intelligence. 

  • Make Game-Changing Connections

Connect with industry leaders and innovators at the forefront of AI and big data. Engage directly with top AI companies and network with peers to explore cutting-edge solutions and opportunities.

  • Witness Tomorrow's Tech Today

Experience cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions in action, and explore the AI-driven tools that are revolutionising industries. Engage directly with the latest innovations in data science and see firsthand how AI is addressing real-world business challenges.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge

Discover strategies to implement AI for measurable business impact and stay ahead of the curve with future-focused insights. Explore the benefits of AI for your business and equip yourself with the knowledge to lead in the AI-driven economy.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the AI revolution. Join us at Big Data & AI World and shape the future of your industry.

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Big Data & AI World is part of Tech Show London, presented by CloserStill Media.

The AEO award-winning Tech Show London brings together five leading technology events: Big Data & AI World, Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Data Centre World, and DevOps Live.

Your free Big Data & AI World ticket will get you access to all Tech Show London events taking place at ExCeL London on  12-13 March 2025.

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