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What's new


Blockchain Stream

bBlockchain is completely overhauling the way digital transactions are conducted and will change the way we do business or even interact. In this stream, hear how blockchain adoption can benefit your company by removing the intermediary, creating ecosystems that support your processes and increase transparency. 

Featuring speakers including; Genevieve Leveille - Founder - Agriledger, Miguel Neumann - Founder - Maecenas, Irfon Watkins - CEO - Dovu, Rene Bostic - Vice President of Innovation & New technology - IBM Cloud, David Deighton - CISO - University of Birmingham

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Edge Computing Stream

eDiscover how edge computing is streamlining the flow of traffic from IoT devices, providing real-time local data analysis and a whole data centre infrastructure to reduce latency.

Including the sessions; Cloud vs. edge computing: who will win the IoT race?, Future 2028: Where will the industry lie - Cloud vs. Edge?, Taking your data centre into the future: the role of the edge

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Unicorn Stream

uCome and learn from leading and influential start-up companies that have successfully reached $1 billion valuation with the advancement of cloud, IoT and data technology.

Featuring speakers from companies including; Apttus, Rentokil, Anaplan, Illumio, ForeScout

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Diversity & Talent Panel Stream

dDiversity in the technology industry is growing but still has a long way to go. Hear from industry academics and leaders talk about very latest and most pressing matters surrounding diversity and talent within today's technology landscape. 

Featuring speakers including; Sue Daley - Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI - TechUK, , Terri Simpkin - Higher & Further Education Principal - CNet Training, Marie-Claire Fenech - Head of Partnerships & Programme Manager - Next Tech Girls

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AI & Machine Learning Stream

Whether using NLP, Computer vision or a arange of AI techniques, here you can discover how you can find trends and patterns from large and diverse data sets which can allow you to innovate, improve customer experience and automate business processes

Featuring speakers including; Alejandra M. J. Litterio - Eye Capital, Ash Booth - HSBC, Totte Harinen - Uber, Dominic Cuhsnan - NHS Horizons, Dr Redouane Buomghar - European Space Agency, Sue Daley - Tech UK

Find out more, by viewing our full conference programme.