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Myrna Macgregor

Myrna Macgregor

Principal Data Strategist & Lead for Responsible AI/Robotics, OCADO TECHNOLOGY
Myrna is responsible for identifying how to use data and machine learning to keep Ocado at the cutting edge of eCommerce, supply chain, logistics and robotics. As lead for responsible AI and Robotics, she also ensures that Ocado develops these technologies in a fair, transparent and trustworthy way. Previously Myrna led responsible ML at the BBC, where she designed the first comprehensive standard for responsible ML in media, the BBC’s Machine Learning Engine Principles. Her portfolio included recommendation algorithms, data stewardship and AI explainability. Myrna is a former British diplomat. She has worked on international economic and climate negotiations, and served as Head of the Political team at the British Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo and Head of Middle East Peace Process Engagement at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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