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Jessica Simons-Boswell

Jessica Simons-Boswell

Head of Data, e.surv
Jess is a Data professional who has now been working in data for over twenty years. She doesn’t like to say exactly how many years over, but her real ‘love affair’ with Data started with the first version of Microsoft SQL server 7.0 (Although she does admit to dipping her toes into Oracle on floppy disks if pushed!). In her career so far, she has covered a range of roles. Starting as a Dba and working her way through SQL developer, BI developer, Technical manager, Data Solutions Architect, Data engineering manager, Director of Data engineering and Head of Data. She has covered these roles across several industries from Telecoms, to motorway services, to Insurance to online gaming and currently Surveying. The mix of industries has also helped to expose her to a wide range of none data related ‘challenges’ which have given her a wider viewpoint not commonly found in the field (Such as the impact of sea bed trawling on the shortage and fragility of submarine telephony!)


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