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Dennis Hore

Dennis Hore

Professor, Chemistry and Computer Science, University of Victoria Canada
Dennis Hore obtained a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Chemistry from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada) and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry working with Almeria Natansohn (Queen's University, Canada) and Paul Rochon (Royal Military College, Canada) on the structure of photo-responsive polymers with applications in optical data storage. He was then a post-doctoral fellow in Geri Richmond's group at the University of Oregon (USA), studying solvent and surfactant structure at the vapour-water interface using a variety of computational and spectroscopic techniques. He joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Victoria in 2006, where he develops advanced optical methods and complementary theory to resolve fine structural details of molecules adsorbed at the solid-liquid interface. Since 2019 he is cross-appointed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria. Hore and his group are particularly interested in the combination of computational methods with laboratory measurements for molecular simulation, structure prediction, and the design of new optical experiments. In 2016 Hore developed an interest in spectroscopy and modeling for the detection of opioids in drug mixtures. That research theme has now led to interdisciplinary research team that includes chemists, computer scientists, and social workers. Hore has mentored over 120 researchers in his lab, has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles, and delivered 100 invited presentations at conferences and institutions in 11 countries. He was the recipient of the 2018 Keith Laidler Award, presented by the Canadian Society for Chemistry in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of physical, theoretical, and computational chemistry in Canada.

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