Big Data & AI World London 2022 - Themes

Data Analytics & BI

How much more could your data analytics and BI function do for your business? While organisations of all sizes are increasingly using at least some analytics tools, many are only scratching the surface of what’s possible. Whether it’s because data is located in silos, arriving in unstructured formats, or they simply don’t have the resources to analyse it, the true potential of analytics and BI tools is not being met.

In these sessions, we will be exploring how you can maximise the tools you already have, before seeing how next generation technology will help further exploit the data you hold.

Technologies and concepts you’ll learn more about:

  • Dark Data
  • Big Data as a Service (BdaaS)
  • Self-service BI
  • Building a Data Driven Organisation
  • Trends in analytics & BI

Data Management & Integration

Feel like you’re drowning in data? You’re not alone. Organisations are capturing far more data than ever before, yet many are struggling to use this resource effectively. Getting data in the right format in the right place is challenging enough, not to mention the difficulties of integrating information across multiple systems. And all that storage isn’t free – if the data isn’t working for you, you’re paying to hold it for no good reason.

This theme is designed to help you refresh your data management strategy, with an overview of the tools, techniques and tech providers that can make it easier to manage your data. You’ll learn about:

  • Cold Storage
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Headless tech
  • Data Fabric

Data Privacy & Data Security

If you ever lose sleep over your organisation’s data security, this theme is designed for you. The landscape of threats facing organisations is continually evolving and malicious actors are working hard to find new ways of breaching your defences. And this is only getting harder as companies shift to a hybrid working pattern, with people connecting with more devices from more locations. We’ll be taking a deep dive into current risks, the regulatory environment around the world and looking at best practice for managing this persistent threat.

  • Data protection/security

Databases, Data Architecture & Infrastructure

The traditional, hierarchical approach to database architecture and infrastructure management is starting to look very outdated. We’re seeing companies manage data in multiple cloud environments. Data engineering cultures are becoming innovative and creative. DataOps is bringing a collaborative approach to data management. It is no longer efficient or desirable to have a rigid approach to data, and firms will need to adapt. This is especially true if you are looking to benefit from innovations like IoT and AI.

In this theme, we’ll explore the trends influencing data architecture, database management and other innovative approaches.

  • Continuous intelligence

Machine Learning & AI

Are you ramping up your ML and AI capabilities this year? The technology is being increasingly used in public and private sector organisations of all sizes to get to know customers better and deliver innovative services. Nonetheless, it remains a challenging technology to use and many firms have struggled to get real value from their investments so far.

In this theme, you’ll get up to speed on the latest trends in AI and see what best practice looks like. It will be an opportunity to investigate key challenges, learn from peers and see how AI/ML can do more for you.

  • Augmented Analytics
  • AI/ML strategy
  • Technology and tools New uses of AI/ML
  • AI acceleration

Human Factors

Big Data doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s used by people and it’s (very often) about people. To make a success of your Big Data strategy, it’s vital to consider the human factor involved in its use and treatment. As data increasingly feeds into everyday business decision making, staff need to learn to read data and understand its implications. We also need to ensure that the way we use data is not reinforcing social injustices and inequalities.

This theme therefore looks at the human factors in any organisation’s Big Data strategy.

  • Cultural adoption/training
  • Data ethics/unbiased 
  • Data team set up/organisation - distributed/centralised
  • Role of the CDO
  • Upskilling Training on new platforms
  • Working at the board level

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