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How to scale AI effectively to drive maximum business value

08 Mar 2023
AI, Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
How to scale AI effectively to drive maximum business value
If you’ve had some successes building your initial AI models, then you’ll want to scale them up across the business. But this is where many organisations run into obstacles. Whether its data management problems, a lack of understanding of business units, or resistance to change, integrating AI more widely into your business can be very challenging. In this session, we’ll be hearing from speakers who have managed to scale AI across their firms to find out how they did it:
• Realities of scaling AI
• Strategies and techniques to get the business on board
• Remember, it’s about people as much as technology
• Importance of building a dedicated AI team
Premal Desai, Head of Data & AI - The Gym Group
Daniele Magazzeni, Managing Director, AI Researcher and Head of AI - JP Morgan


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