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Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence

Looking to take the way you use data to the next level? Make sure you attend the specially curated sessions in this theme. Drawing on cutting edge research, real-world case studies and unique innovations, this is the place to be for data wizardry to get you inspired. 

Our speakers will be providing sessions on data management, with plenty of insights and examples from different industries. We’ll also be looking at new data integration techniques (from data lakes to data meshes) to help you get more advanced insights. Approaching data strategy from a different level, we’ll also be exploring decision intelligence methods, to see how firms are using data to drive business outcomes. Attend this theme to learn about:

•    New strategies for data management and integration
•    Decision intelligence and what it means for your
•    Choosing the right models and processes
•    Insights into decision science
•    Real world examples and case studies

Customer experience

Perhaps the greatest prize of Big Data is that if could radically transform the customer experience with your brand. From retail to healthcare, transport to government, a well-executed data programme could make customers happier, better informed, healthier and lead smarter, more satisfying lives. And that, of course, increases trust and loyalty. So, in this theme, we will be digging into the notion of customer experience, and what Big Data and AI can do to improve it. 

You’ll hear about real world examples from a variety of industries to see how firms are improving the customer experience through clever use of data. Come along to find out about techniques and technology used, and lessons learned from mistakes. We’ll also explore the big issues, particularly around customer data privacy, protection and ethics. Join us for insightful discussions on:

•    How to improve customer experience through data and analytics
•    Challenges and mistakes to avoid
•    Tools and techniques to use
•    Ethics, issues and regulation

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

The fields of AI and advanced analytics keep evolving at breakneck speed. So, what’s new, and how will it affect you? This theme will get you up to speed with all the latest developments. Featuring speakers and researchers working in a range of fields and industries, you’ll get the most up to date insights and perspectives from the experts. 

We’ll be taking a tour of major new developments in a range of areas, including Machine Learning, AI, data mining and graph analysis. You’ll also learn about clever tools for predictions, recommendations and deeper insights that you can begin using today. And we’ll also be taking the time to consider AI ethics - inviting speakers to discuss the issues from both the practical and regulatory side, as well as philosophical and social perspective. For stimulating discussions on next gen AI and analytics, come along to find out about:

•    Latest breakthroughs and developments in various fields
•    Tools and techniques to try
•    Ethics, regulations and privacy concerns

Data Privacy, Security & Governance

As organisations of all kinds collect ever more data, ensuring that its collection, management and governance remains within legal and ethical limits continues to be a major consideration for most firms. With shifts in technology (e.g. Apple banning third party cookies), new data protection regulations in different countries, and changing consumer expectations, staying on top of these issues is absolutely essential. The sessions in this theme are therefore designed to help you stay up to date. 

We have invited experts to provide you with latest insights into best practice for compliance, guidance around data privacy and security, and to explore current ethical debates. These sessions will also look into services and tools you can use to improve compliance. Attend these sessions if you wish to learn about:

•    The changing landscape of data privacy, security and governance
•    Updates to rules and regulations around the world
•    Research into consumer perceptions

Data Engineering & Data Architecture

Data is only useful if it can be accessed and delivered to the right people when they need it. Investing in data storage and analytics is a waste of time if it’s not getting used properly. But making this happen is often surprisingly difficult. So, in these sessions, we’ll be looking at theory, practice, tools, and innovations that are helping firms get much greater value from their data. 

You can expect talks on emerging data management and architecture concepts, such as data mesh, data fabric. We’ll also be looking into the latest generations of databases, and the potential of data platforms. And you will get the inside track on new tools and get real world examples of how companies are using them. Attend to learn about:

•    Emerging trends in data architecture
•    New tools and techniques
•    Discussions into the future of data engineering

Skills, Talent & Culture

Data science jobs remain some of the most competitive positions in the job market today. If you’re looking to attract, train and retain staff with data skills, this theme is the one for you. Our panels of experts will be exploring the skills, talent and culture issue from various angles, so you can gain valuable insights into the people side of Big Data and analytics. 

Among the varied sessions we have lined up, we’ll be focussing on people strategies and culture in particular. This is not just about making your firm attractive to candidates, but also about educating existing staff about data and helping them build their skills. The topic of diversity in data science jobs continues to be an issue too, and we’ll be looking at how to attract talent from a wider range of backgrounds. And we’ll also be considering the impact of the wider context to understand the jobs market - from inflation to Brexit. Attend to learn more about:

•    The realities of hiring data science professionals today
•    Tips for attracting, training and retaining staff
•    Strategies to build up people’s data skills

Attend Big Data & AI World on 6-7 March 2024 at ExCeL London

Big Data & AI World is designed for C-level staff, AI leaders, data and analytics specialists, managers and key decision makers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.

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