2020 Keynote Agenda


At the heart of Big Data & AI World, the Keynote theatre will be a showcase for leading transformation projects and invaluable insights into the future of data & AI, as well as a hub for you, the industry leaders. 

Across 2 days, the Keynote theatre will deliver the hottest topics and projects from a diverse line up of companies, to inspire your data and AI journey both now and in the future! We’re excited to share with you a snapshot of the topics that will be discussed live in March 2020. 

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Humans at the heart of AI

In the midst of the digital transformation, excessive focus is placed on new and exciting technologies. Amongst fearful talk of job losses, this session will explain the need to redefine the human-machine relationship for successful adoption of this next-generation tech in line with your business goals.

The future of data science and AI

Described as the sexiest job of the 21st century, the demand for data scientists continues but with a more strategic job spec. This stream will look at why data analysis is no longer solely their responsibility and how AI will fundamentally change the future of data science, bringing the two areas closer together than ever before.

Data-driven culture - educating the workforce

Time and time again this term emerges, and for good reason. Join this session as we uncover invaluable methods for fostering an agile data team, bridging the gap between business and data roles and cultivating a data-thinking mindset from the top down.

Big Data in 2020

Are you up to dat(e)a? Join our industry expert as they shed light on emerging trends so far this year, including the continued growth of augmented analytics, recognising data as a corporate asset, continuous intelligence and explainable AI.

Data privacy in the age of customer centricity

Many have already adopted a more customer-centric approach to their data-strategy. In light of ever-tightening regulations, hear about the invaluable ways to ensure compliance using unique, customer data sets in the endeavour for a competitive edge.

Becoming an AI world-leader: the 5-year plan for NHS England

Following on from a £250 million government investment into a National AI Lab in the UK, hear about the NHS’s strategy to tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare with AI, and the positive impact this project has had for clinicians thus far.

The future of AI governance: the ICO framework

Nearly two years on from GDPR and an abundance of high-profile data breaches, the ICO will discuss their formal guidance on the use of AI, which covers best practices for risk management to facilitate business success, whilst guaranteeing compliance.

How AI is revolutionising marketing

AI is already assisting marketers to make significant strides in improving customer experience. In this session we will draw on real-world examples of popular industry approaches, such as predictive personalisation, targeting and the ability to draw on more powerful customer insights.

5 ways AI is reshaping the finance industry

New fintech companies and challenger banks are driving innovation and disrupting the sector, alongside the notable shift to online banking. This stream will examine 5 industry leading approaches to AI, including fraud prevention and improved client care, whilst considering the challenges of implementing this technology in such a data-intensive and highly regulated industry.

Real-world consequences of bias AI

Amidst the excitement of continuous AI developments, potential bias still lingers in real-world applications of this technology. Spanning race, wealth and gender, this session will examine the challenges posed by these biases including overall human safety and the question of who has ultimate responsibility for faults.

Emerging AIOps principles

Is DataOps dead? This session will bring to light a new business AI trend known as AIOps, which could fundamentally reshape IT and DevOps. Encompassing big data and machine learning, this session will demonstrate how AIOps can break down archaic IT silos to provide better quality and more consistent insights, reduce costs and improve process efficiency.

Transforming your data into revenue

Are you aware of the power of your existing assets? Many enterprises have yet to capitalise on the vast amount of data available to them. Learn how to clearly identify, and capitalise on data revenue streams, such as new product markets, marketing impact opportunities or selling your datasets, all whilst considering the ethical challenges associated.

Dismantling data silos once and for all

As enterprises endeavour to be truly customer-centric, it is not only essential to remove silos, but to prevent them from re-emerging. In the quest for a more collaborative approach, this session will tackle the key challenges from disparate systems, a lack of a clear strategy and the technologies available to overcome these.

Changing the game: AI’s role in data-driven decision-making

Although humans have ownership over making the ultimate decision, AI is already supporting organisations on a huge scale to get to value faster. Reducing workloads, cutting costs and providing more meaningful insights, we will outline in this session how best you can implement this to radically improve your decision-making process.

Building a case for data in the boardroom

Hear from the experts themselves. Find out from our CDO panel what keeps them up at night. Hear about the gaps in understanding at board level, the need to construct KPIs that align with business objectives, and get the support you need to drive data-driven success.

Introducing data science into an existing organisation

Efforts to adopt data-based strategies are proving insufficient. It has been said that those who adopt data science are those who will come out on top. With this in mind, this session will identify key ways to embed data science into your existing organisation and help drive your business objectives.  

How data and AI can solidify your cloud strategy

Cloud for businesses is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a must, and AI is one of the biggest drivers behind its adoption. This session will look at the different ways in which data and AI can help consolidate your cloud strategy, touching on key industry concerns such as security, governance and staff shortages.

Data quality: the fuel for AI

The importance of data quality is too often overlooked. We cannot expect high-quality, actionable insights if we feed machines with the wrong ‘fuel’. This session will assess whether increased investment in data quality could be the solution to a more successful adoption of enterprise AI.

Autonomous response to data protection

In the customer-driven era and with the number of data breaches growing by the day, autonomous data protection could be the solution. Aside from significantly reducing the human workload, AI has proven to detect and prevent threats faster than ever before. With fear of brand and financial damage and a desire to reduce costs at the forefront of business priorities, this session will highlight key benefits of adopting an autonomous response to securing your precious data.

Building an architecture fit for the future

Modern applications need modern architectures to encompass the extensive demands of the BYOD era, as well as the significant uptake of cloud computing across organisations. This session will look at the rise of the data architect and the necessity for a dynamic architecture which can support and reflect today’s agile IT environment. 

CDO focus: fostering an agile data strategy

With CDOs now well-embedded into organisations, let’s dive deeper into how data leaders can guide the way to data-driven success. Learn methods to successfully implement an enterprise-wide transformation and innovation that aligns with the digital era.

The rise of data surveillance

The rise of technologies like facial recognition and biometrics has generated controversy and challenges primarily spanning security and privacy. In this session we will hear about the balance between protecting individual privacy and ensuring the safety of citizens.

Three’s not a crowd: the power of combining AI, blockchain & IoT

Is it strength in numbers? Too often we hear about different emerging tech and in a constantly-evolving digital landscape, it is now essential for businesses to take an agile approach to adopting these powerful new tools. Let’s underline the transformative potential of combining this trio, and how cloud is driving their adoption. 

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  • "The show has been good. There’s been a lot of people, a lot of attendance. People passing by; I kind of like the idea of having different types of businesses like IoT, Security and Big Data, having a nice mix of things. I get the chance to talk to some people that have a complete different perspective.”
    Principal Sales Engineer - Maria DB
  • “We’ve been on exhibition duty the whole time. It’s been that busy. I has a box of business cards when I arrived, 500, and all gone, every single one is gone. Really engaging. “It’s our second time at the show, we did it last year. Definitely had to do it again this year, and it’s been a resounding success, really really good. I would suggest that anybody that is entering this market space, look at the BDW show, not only form a view point of exhibiting, but also presenting. You have to do the two together to make it worthwhile."
    Sales Director, UK – Splash BI
  • “It is the first year we exhibit and I find the event super interesting. We gave a talk, which was very well attended and afterwards we had very good discussions. I would say the event was innovative and offers good opportunities to network.”
    Marketing Manager - Oracle
  • “This is our second time participating in Big Data World in Singapore and we’ve seen a lot of traffic over the two days. The conversations in the big data community around machine learning is a lot more mature here. Not only the delegates are interested in big data, they are also keen to learn more about data science, artificial intelligence and internet of things.”
    Regional Sales Director - Qubole Inc.
  • "Pivigo has participated in many events in the UK & Europe over the last 12 months and Big Data World was by far the best of them all. The event was a huge success delivering a ROI, prompting us to participate in Big Data World in Germany and London next year."
    Marketing & Communications Manager - Pivigo
  • "I have taken away some great ideas from Big Data World! I have talked with some great suppliers which was my main reason for attending – to connect and network with people in the industry. There’s not many opportunities like this for you to go to one place and see everything in one room. I hope to be back again next year! "
    Head of Data Science - Barclays (Visitor)
  • "Cloud Expo Europe & Data Centre World located alongside Big Data World added huge value to my experience at the event as it made me think about the different ways of relating to data & making me question things which I don’t usually think about from a data point of view in my every day work life. Overall, I liked the range, scope & diversity of the event and I will definitely recommend the rest of the Sky team attend alongside myself in 2019."
    Data Scientist - Sky (Visitor)
  • "I’m here to learn about all emerging technologies, get an insight into the developments in the technology world. I think around Cloud and Machine Learning and AI are all big areas to cover so I think being able to get high level insights from the presentation available is important. I will be coming back next year as well."
    Senior Director - Ralph Lauren (Visitor)